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From Blake Sullivan <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] Use of 'autoSub' event on client and AutoSubmitEvent on the server...
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 17:49:59 GMT
Why isn't the ValueChangeEvent sufficient for the partial triggers?

-- Blake Sullivan

Gabrielle Crawford said the following On 1/14/2010 9:02 AM PT:
> Hi Pavitra,
> Pavitra Subramaniam wrote:
>> 2. On the server side code in FormElementRenderer (and some of its 
>> sub-classed renderers) we call detectAutoSubmit() method that 
>> explicitly looks for the 'autoSub' event and queues an 
>> AutoSubmitEvent. Since there are typically no listeners registered 
>> for this event, the only reason this is queued is to update partial 
>> targets - 
>> (RequestContext.getCurrentInstance().partialUpdateNotify(component)). 
>> If so, this seems redundant as any value entered in the client-side 
>> UI will get submitted on the server component and a valueChange event 
>> queued anyway
> Let's forget about other editable fields on the page, let's say I want 
> to ppr the value of an outputText or toggle a showDetail based on the 
> autosubmit, will that work without the server event?
> Thanks,
> Gab

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