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From Marius Petoi <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad][Skinning] Introduce include-Property in CSS
Date Wed, 13 Jan 2010 07:46:32 GMT
Hi Jeanne,

Thank you for the answer! Like in the situation of -tr-rule-ref, the list of
properties is comma separated. I don't understand what you mean by
camel-case...The name of the new property can be whatever the user wishes
for. Afterwards, it will be treated like all the other properties in the
CSS. Regarding the new syntax you suggested, first of all, we may have a
selector or a name, in which case "selector" is replaced with "name". Also,
another problem is the order in which they appear; with this syntax it can
be any order.

How about
Did you have the time to look over it too?


On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 11:58 PM, Jeanne Waldman

>  Another idea for the syntax comes from the rgb color syntax -
> color: rgb(100%, 0%, 0%)
> You could use this syntax, and not specify what each of the properties is for:-tr-include-property:
> property("af|foo", "color", "background-color")
> or
> property(af|foo, color, background-color)
> I like this because it's shorter, but I don't like it since they will have to look up
which is which, something I have to do when I use the border: 0px 3px 2px 1px syntax - which
is right, left, top, bottom.
> Jeanne
> Jeanne Waldman wrote, On 1/12/2010 10:21 AM PT:
> Hi,
> Thanks for this patch.
> I will have to look at the CSS spec to see if this syntax conforms to other
> CSS syntaxes. This is what I usually do when I try to come up with a new
> skinning api.
> Like, is the comma standard, or should it be space-separated? Is the
> camel-case standard, or should it be '-'s.
> I think it looks good, but I'll have to look at it closer before I vote.
> Jeanne
> Marius Petoi wrote, On 1/11/2010 4:52 AM PT:
> Is there anyone who has already reviewed this or added them on his/her TODO
> list? Thank you in advance!
> Marius
> On Fri, Jan 8, 2010 at 11:35 AM, Marius Petoi <>wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I created a new JIRA task for this issue (
>> and I added a patch
>> for it.
>> I introduced a new -tr property: "-tr-include-property". The syntax of
>> this is:
>>      -tr-include-property:
>> property(selector="af|foo",propertyName="color",
>> localPropertyName="background-color")
>> In SkinStyleSheetParserUtils, when the selectors are parsed, similar to
>> the -tr-rule-ref, I introduced a list of includedProperties. The rules
>> defined with -tr-include-property are parsed and the list of
>> includedProperties is filled up. In the end, when the StyleNode is created,
>> this list is passed to the constructor.
>> I also introduced the new feature in the documentation.
>> Is the syntax of the new rule ok? And if so, please have a look over the
>> patch and tell me whether I should modify anything.
>> Regards,
>> Marius

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