jsr-314-comments@jcp.org will be replaced by jsr-314-public@jcp.org , but this list still don't receive mail from non jcp members.

I have a lot of comments to do but for now I'm waiting people there solve the problems, so maybe we should wait a little bit before send email, or ask to someone with access.


Leonardo Uribe

2009/11/30 Jakob Korherr <jakob.korherr@gmail.com>
Hi Michael,

Could be one of the »countless« features of mojarra, which do not appear in the spec, but should appear.

You could write an email to jsr-314-comments@jcp.org and ask if it was forgotten in the spec.


Jakob Korherr

2009/12/1 Michael Kurz <michi.kurz@gmx.at>


I have recently created a bunch of applications with Mojarra 2.0 that I'm currently trying to port to MyFaces 2.0.

In Mojarra 2 it is possible to have more than one child in a facet (without enclosing them in a panel). So I thought this is part of the new spec. But when I noticed that this is not working in MyFaces 2.0 I checked the spec and found no such feature.

Did I miss something, or is this a Mojarra-specific feature?

Michael Kurz