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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject [tomahawk] start new module of tomahawk for jsf 2.0
Date Tue, 01 Dec 2009 22:22:34 GMT

I think this is a good time to discuss and start a new module of tomahawk
for jsf 2.0.

We have now an alpha release of myfaces core 2.0, so we have
myfaces-metadata.xml for "chain" the necessary metadata to compile tomahawk.
Note that tomahawk depends on this metadata for build some config files, so
to keep things simple it was preferred to do an alpha release of core before
start this module.

Below there is a list of ideas that will be taken into account.

1. All tomahawk components should implement the new partial state saving
api. We could use the template used to compile myfaces for that.

2. Since we have a new ResourceHandler api, should we use it to server
resources used by components? In theory yes, but still we need to use
ExtensionsFilter to support fileupload.

3. How should we deal with the different javascript libraries used by
tomahawk components? What naming convention use (to prevent collisions with
other libs packing javascript libs on its jar)? maybe something like
oam_dojo or tomahawk_[libraryname].

4. t:aliasBean should use the new hack to deal with binding (see

5. How to deal with facelets code? In theory, facelets dependency should be
removed and all tag handlers should use javax.faces.view classes instead.

6. Since javascript api is now provided, it could be good to update some old
javascript api used. Also, it could be good to use the new resource api to
load resources. In few words, tomahawk must remain as close with the spec as

7. Tomahawk sandbox could be a place to store new composite components added
by developers.

Suggestions are welcome.


Leonardo Uribe

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