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From Ganesh <>
Subject Re: [JSF 2.0] Moving ViewDeclairationLanguage Impl's to shared
Date Thu, 17 Dec 2009 20:04:34 GMT
Cool, you're working on this. Just a week ago I was stuck with
the current portal - JSF2.0 problem. Are you doing portal 1.0 -
JSF 2.0 or portal 2.0 - JSF 2.0?

I not yet clear about why the bridge needs to care about the
VDL. I thought it would suffice to brige the portal lifecyle
phases and forward the requests to the faces servlet?

Best regards,

Scott O'Bryan schrieb:
> Hey Guys,
> I'm working on a preliminary version of the portlet-bridge for JSF2.0..  
> Looking at the current R.I. implementations, it appears as if I'm going 
> to have to come up with my own implementations for the 
> ViewDeclairationLanguage's for the bridge.  Although the R.I. is laid 
> out so that their implementations of the ViewDeclairationLanguage's is 
> easily extended, everything is impl.  Since the Portlet Bridge is an 
> Apache project and should be container agnostic, I'm basically stuck 
> with two choices:
>    1. Write the bridge's own implementation of the
>       ViewDeclairationLanguage for both JSF and facelets, or
>    2. Just use/extend the ViewDeclairationLanguage for MyFaces from the
>       shared project
> I would rather do the latter so that the implementations of the 
> ViewDeclairationLanguage becomes consistent and, ideally, would allow us 
> to work with both the R.I. and MyFaces (albeit with the MyFaces code 
> handling the ViewDeclairationLanguage in the portal.
> Any preferences or comments of the feasibility of implementing this?  I 
> haven't looked at this in depth but wanted to gauge people's reactions 
> before I went too far down the rabbit hole.
> Scott

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