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From Jeanne Waldman <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad][Skinning] Transforming XSS files into CSS
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:27:01 GMT

Marius Petoi wrote, On 12/11/2009 1:14 AM PT:
> Hello,
> This is related to the JIRA issue 
>, regarding the 
> replacement of legacy XSS files with CSS files in the Tinidad skinning 
> module. I have a couple of questions.
> First of all, @import should be supported in CSS. What should the 
> syntax of @import be?
The syntax would probably be @import, but this is something we'd have to 
have a discussion about on the dev list. This might be something we 
don't need to port over right away if we combine our .xss files 
correctly. I'm not sure without looking into it in detail.
> My second question concerns the "includeProperty" tag from the XSS 
> files. Should this be supported in the CSS also? Or is the alias 
> mechanism covering this feature enough.
No, we do not have this feature yet in CSS. This should be supported as 
well, I think, to be able to port the XSS files over to CSS. I think 
this is more useful that @import.
Here's an example of its usage from base-desktop.xss

  <!-- AFVeryDarkForeground is the darkest foreground color in the core 
       color ramp -->
  <style name="AFVeryDarkForeground">
    <includeProperty name="AFVeryDarkBackground"
> Thank you in advance for your answers!
> Marius

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