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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: JSF 2.0 upgrade of our component libraries / extensions
Date Fri, 23 Oct 2009 02:19:01 GMT

I have added a jsf 1.2 submodule for orchestra in the same way as tomahawk.
Developers can see this one here:

If no objections, I'll start another submodule for orchestra and jsf 2.0 in
the same way. For now, the only parts that will change in jsf 2.0 are the
wrappers and the facelet tag lib xml file (we need to add version="2.0" to
be loaded and if necessary fix the hierarchy of some tag handler class).


Leonardo Uribe

2009/10/8 Martin Marinschek <>

> Hi all,
> I just posted the following Orchestra issue:
> Orchestra should support JSF 2.0. The supplied patch changes the
> decorators in Orchestra to allow this, however, the patch is not
> backwards compatible with the 1.2/1.1 version (and contrary to
> supporting both 1.1 and 1.2 in one version, this is not possible with
> 2.0 anymore, as the interfaces have new methods which in turn have
> parameters/return types which are only available in JSF 2.0). The
> question will be how we will be able to continue. I see two options:
> a) a branch, and two independent releases
> b) adding a common JSF 1.2 compatibility library, which would allow to
> a certain extent to mimick basic JSF 2.0 infrastructure (it would not
> try to reimplement features from 2.0, however)
> For option b), I would like to get your input. Does that sound
> reasonable/useful for you? In cs-JSF in Credit-Suisse, we do follow
> this approach.
> regards,
> Martin
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