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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: [JSF 2.0] Need help - restore state not working properly in facelets
Date Wed, 21 Oct 2009 17:36:21 GMT

2009/10/20 Michael Concini <>

> All,
> I've run into what appears to be a bug in the new state saving/restoring
> code for facelets.
> I've got a simple xhtml page with a one field form and a value change
> listener attached.  The listener simply outputs the old value and the new
> value to SystemOut.  On every postback, its showing the old value as what
> was originally set by the 'value' attribute and not the value from the
> previous request as would be expected.
> <h:form id="form1">
>     <h:commandButton value="Press here" id="testListeners" />
>     <h:inputText id="testValueChangeListener" value="some text">
>           <f:valueChangeListener
> binding="#{coreTagsBean.testValueChangeListener}"
> type="listener.TestValueChangeListener" />
>       </h:inputText>
> </h:form>
> I stepped through the code in the debugger, and when we get into
> DefaultFaceletsStateManagementStrategy.restoreView(), the states are always
> coming up null in the return object array returned form the
> HtmlResponseStateManager from this code snippet (lines 160-161 in my view)
>       state = (Object[]) manager.getState (context, viewId);
>       states = (Map<String, Object>) state[1];
> Since states is null, when we execute restoreStateFromMap(), we don't ever
> execute the restoreState() method on the component since we have not
> recovered the state data.
> I've stepped through the code for state saving, and it looks to me as
> though the state data for the input text field is being saved properly, but
> I'm not very familiar with how the state saving/restoring code works.  I'd
> be happy to continue doing the debugging if someone could point me in the
> right direction, but I would appreciate any help from those in the community
> who are more familiar with the state management code.
The first part works as expected (state=null). For partial state saving, the
component tree is built on every request. If nothing changes, no state is
saved for the component. In jsf 2.0, there was some changes related to the
behavior of binding attribute, so maybe it is related to this one. It could
be good to test is without partial state saving, to see how it should


Leonardo Uribe

> Thanks,
> Mike

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