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From Matthias Wessendorf <>
Subject [Trinidad 2.0] Lifecycle Management Methods (3.1.14)
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2009 20:27:15 GMT

the spec defines two new lifecycle methods for JSF 2.0:
protected void pushComponentToEL(FacesContext context);
protected void popComponentFromEL(FacesContext context)

These are the base contract from the new implicit #{component} EL.

The spec wants an implementation to call these new methods inside of
the lifecycle
(processXYZ and encodeBegin). It also says that is should be called
inside the new visitTree()

See [1] for the entire JavaDoc for the class.

As we - currently - have our own Visitor implementation, I am focusing
here on the usage of the
pushComponentToEL/popComponentFromEL to be called (for now) only on
those lifecylce methods:

Regarding the Tree/Visitor implementation, I will follow up on this in
a separate thread, once I
managed to write down the diffs between our (Trinidad) impl and the
one from the spec.

So, as for now I am proposing that we should integrate the
hooks for the mentioned methods.

If this is really cause very bad performance results, we can
reevaluate the situation later on, again.

Any thoughts ?


Matthias Wessendorf


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