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From Matthias Wessendorf <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad2] Sharing code with myfaces-impl2 in myfaces-shared-core ?
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 15:35:06 GMT
On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 6:24 AM, Martin Kočí <> wrote:
> Hi,
> for implementing JSF 2.0 new features in Trinidad2 there is a
> possibility to use myfaces-share project. There are some useful method
> already and many others are on the way.
> This is example why think about it:
> I work on some basic Resource API support for trindiad2. It means for
> example new attributes "name" and "library" as a alternative to "src" or
> "icon" attributes. An universal method for dealing with this can be like
> method getImageSource in
> Such method is not in myfaces-impl or myfaces-share yet and thus
> "library" attribute is not supported now in myfaces 2.0 impl (look in
> button renderer for example).
> Placing one method in myfaces-shared will not lead to duplications over
> myfaces development effort and will bring  faster JSF 2.0 delivery for
> both myfaces 2.0 and Trinidad 2.0. Myfaces-share can be repacked during
> build into trinidad-impl.jar to not burden users with a extra library.

if we share code, building it into the trinidad JAR is the way to go, I agree.

I am not really thrilled about the shared module. It is hard to debug
(e.g. all the impl_shared generated stuff)

Generally, working on common things together is a good idea.

Just keep in mind, that we should not take a too close look to the RI stuff.
(in fact we also can't copy bits..)


> What do you think?
> Regards,
> Martin Kočí

Matthias Wessendorf


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