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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject [jsf 2.0] bean validation api will not be available on jsp apps? if this is true why exists in jsp
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2009 03:28:00 GMT

Checking some stuff on the spec and reading some javadoc I have notice that
it is not possible to make bean validation api available on jsp world,
because there is no integration point where the default validators are
created and set to every EditableValueHolder instance.

In jsf 2.0 spec section 3.5.3 Validation Registration says this:

*"....The default validators are appended after any locally defined
validators once the EditableValueHolder is populated and added to the
component tree. See the javadocs for UIInput.encodeEnd() for the normative
specification. A default validator must not be added to a UIInput if a
validator having the same id is already present....."*

First note that UIInput.encodeEnd() method does not exists!

In jsp, the only point where we can put code to make the previous
description work is UIComponentClassicTagBase.doEndTag(). But looking the
documentation, all jsf related jsp base tag classes has no changes (right
now myfaces adds default validators on UIInput.validateValue(), but since
this is not on the spec javadoc, we should change this code).

In previous comments about why @Listener annotation set on a renderer class
does not work in jsp (because Application.createComponent(String
componentType) does not scan annotations on renderer classes and to make
this work we need UIComponentELTag and UIComponentTag call
Application.createComponent(FacesContext context, String componentType,
String rendererType) ), the conclusion was annotation api will work only
partially in jsf 2.0, because changes in jsf related jsp tag classes will
not be done.

To prove my assumption, I checked the jsp javadoc of f:validateBean, looking
if exists a jsp tag class for it, like I did to check if really f:viewParam
does exist in jsp or not. The javadoc points to class
com.sun.faces.taglib.jsf_core.BeanValidatorTag and again this class does not

I would like to know from the new features, which ones are in facelets are
not in jsp (at the scope of the spec). My personal and maybe incomplete list
is this:

- composite components
- bean validation api (by previous arguments)
- f:event (the javadoc says so)
- h:outputScript and h:outputStylesheet (requires @Listener annotation work
in Renderer classes)
- f:ajax (if we don't have h:outputScript we can't have f:ajax in jsp). This
makes client behavior api only available on facelets.
- f:metadata, f:viewParam

I'll appreciate any comments.


Leonardo Uribe

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