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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: myfaces 2.0: f:ajax again
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 05:29:13 GMT
Hi Werner

I committed a basic implementation of f:ajax tag. It does everything it
should be from my point of view (facelets vdl contract), but I don't know if
we have to put some additional code based on what does other parts of code
(for example register some ajax resources or something like that). I hope
this helps. It has some documentation too.

I think the best at this point for me is move to other issues while you
complete the missing code. Maybe I could help implementing the missing parts
related to partial state saving objects in behavior api, since I did most of
the code, but this task conflict with some code you are working.


Leonardo Uribe

2009/8/31 Werner Punz <>

> Leonardo Uribe schrieb:
>> Hi Werner
>> I'm checking the code trying to find missing stuff required to implement
>> f:ajax. On MYFACES-2323 I'll put all information I can deduct about f:ajax
>> and facelets. It could be good to have a empty tag handler file for ajax
>> committed, so we can put comments there and start implement it, but I don't
>> know if the code you are working has this file.
>>  Actually what I am doing currently is to implement the behavior and the
> renderer for now, once I know it runs I will commit it into the codebase.
> Then basically you can dock it on via a custom tag handler, we wont need
> jsp as far as I know since the JSP part is omitted for f:ajax for now.
> The main issue I have with the tag handler is that it touches two new parts
> which I am not too familiar with, the behavior bindings in the core and the
> tag handler API of facelets (with some jsf2 specific extensions).
> It is not impossible for me to read myself into those parts, the only
> problem is time, since I have to work for the next weeks three days per week
> for a customer, but I assume we would get faster results by someone taking
> over those parts who kow them better than I do.
> What makes the tag handler particularily different is that it has to
> resolve
> the situations of being a child of another tag or being a parent tag itself
> and also it has to touch the compound componend stuff of facelets
> by resolving the facelet compound component stuff.
> All this must be resolved in the tag handler not in the behavior, I assume.
> The behavior itself by contract does not do too much it just can
> issue an event and can return a javascript code which has to be bound to
> the component.
> It however is rather straight forward not too different to a classical
> component, I am almost done with it it just needs some testing. However
> implementing it revealed a huge hole in the basic api of the behavior.
> Behaviors themselves can be partially state saved by providing the necessary
> interface but they do not have anything regarding getStateHelper in the base
> class like UIComponentBase has. I probably will extract an  interface for
> impl only,
> so that we can have a generic API für such cases for our state helpers and
> I will introduce a state helper which can deal with behaviors.
> (Done that but currently bound to the ajax behavior)
> Werner

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