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From Werner Punz <>
Subject myfaces 2.0: f:ajax again
Date Fri, 28 Aug 2009 15:30:46 GMT
Hello everyone, I am in the middle of coding the f:ajax tag, I am not 
entirely done with it yet, but I will commit my code next week.
But after committing I would need a helping hand.
As it seems we need a decent tag handler for the thing.

The f:ajax is a Behavior delivering javascript which has to be hooked
into facelets via a tag handler.
The main issue here is I am not that deep into facelets to really
be able to pull this off decently in a short period of time.
Without spending several days investigating the Facelets implementation 
and learning it, so call me to stupid for not getting it within an hour ;-)

After all there have been substantial additions in the area of composite 
components and the tag handler has to deal with all his (pulling out the 
meta information in the composite case applying to it, or has to serve
composite components as enclosing tag.

What I want to do for now is to debug my code, which will be mainly, the 
ajax Behavior class and the renderer out, so that it works against a 
blackboxed RI, and then I want to commit it so that someone else can do 
the tag handler, who has more understanding of the facelets side of things.

Also have the behavior hooks in the lifecycle been coded yet?
If not the f:ajax tag is not that pending without the behavior handling 
in the lifecycle f:ajax cannot really work.


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