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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: MyFaces 2.0 javascript compression + Selenium -- again
Date Thu, 06 Aug 2009 07:13:19 GMT
Ok I enabled the standard javascript plugin as of yesterday.
 From all the possible options and as hackish as the configuration is
it is still in my opinion the best way to go for now.
I am not eager to follow the own plugin route if maven does its own.

For now however this approach has some downsides.
First of all the lint checker integrated throws some warnings
which can be safely ignored, I am not sure yet if they can be turned 
off. However they do not affect the scripts and in most cases are 
incorrect but still given due to the inherent dynamic nature of javascript.

Second, we currently are nailed to a build number which works
(including the release day),
this will be changed as soon as the plugin hits beta or final stage.
For now we have to live with it to avoid broken builds!

If anyone is unsatisfied with the current solution we still can pickup 
the work on our javascript plugin again, although I am more than happy 
to avoid this, since it seems redundand to me.


Werner Punz schrieb:
> Ok this plugin expects a webapp centric structure for
> the javascripts to be compressed, since the source is not
> reachable I cannot really look into the code.
> Which means it is no go for now.
> I probably will stick to the maven javascript plugin
> but will enforce a version which works
> until the plugin hits beta status or final status!
> Probably the best way to go although the build also is messy
> by simulating a webapp structure for the compressor, but it is
> better than not having the sourcecode and to maintain our own plugin
> which basically does the same, nothing more.
> Werner
> Jan-Kees van Andel schrieb:
>> That's where we use Maven for. ;-)
>> You can declare the plugin in the POM and it gets downloaded. I didn't
>> have any problems using that approach.
>> /JK
>> 2009/8/4 Werner Punz <>:
>>> Except for the project not being clonable or downloadable due to 
>>> scripting
>>> errors on the homepage downloads section.
>>> hg clone as well as direct access fails :-(
>>> Back to step 1 :-)
>>> Werner
>>> Werner Punz schrieb:
>>>> Jan-Kees van Andel schrieb:
>>>>> On my current project, I've used YUI Compressor using the following
>>>>> Maven plugin:
>>>>> It worked quite nice (compression and aggregation).
>>>>> We might be able to use this plugin for MyFaces too?
>>>> Also in alpha stage but it looks saner to me from the configuration
>>>> options, because I dont have to simulate a webapp (the javascript 
>>>> plugin
>>>> from maven only works in webapps) and the includes for the aggregates
>>>> are handled in place instead of a separate xml.
>>>> I will give it a try this week. I somehow dont think we should drag 
>>>> along
>>>> our own javascript compression plugin when others already do the job 
>>>> for us.
>>>> The only + I see is absolute control.
>>>> Werner

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