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From Michael Concini <>
Subject Re: Problem when rerendering with validation errors
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 20:02:02 GMT
Jan-Kees van Andel wrote:
> Sounds like a good idea, if it is not used anymore.
> The only reference I see, is FaceletViewHandler.NullWriter.
> JspViewHandlerImpl is only used in tests. (at least, IDEA tells me so)
> I've commented both classes and the test class, since there can still
> be some valuable source code in there. Once properly tested, we can
> easily remove the commented code. I've moved NullWriter to
> FaceletViewDeclarationLanguage.
> The only issue I see are people who explicitly specify
> JSPViewHandlerImpl in their faces-config.xml files, but I don't think
> many people do that.
> /JK
Would it be worthwhile to output a warning for any users who are 
explicitly specifying either of the old viewhander classes and deprecate 
them instead of deleting them outright?  I know they're internal API but 
they're internal API that someone might have been explicitly specifying, 
even if that group of people is small.  Could be a good thing to do, and 
fairly painless for us to ipmplement,  to help customers migrating from 
the 1.2 to 2.0 runtime in their apps. 

> 2009/8/10 Simon Lessard <>:
>> Hi,
>> Since it's an internal API I think we should just flush the class down the
>> drain.
>> ~ Simon
>> On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 12:47 PM, Jan-Kees van Andel
>> <> wrote:
>>> Removing the <view-handler /> element from my faces-config.xml did the
>>> trick.
>>> Funny that everything worked properly, except the rerendering. Should
>>> we add some code to prevent people from making the same mistake?
>>> Thanks Mike,
>>> JK
>>> 2009/8/10 Michael Concini <>:
>>>> Jan-Kees van Andel wrote:
>>>>>> The default in the current 2.0 runtime should be using
>>>>>> org.apache.mfyaces.application.ViewHandlerImpl, which is a single
>>>>>> class
>>>>>> implementation for both JSP and facelets.  It uses the FactoryFinder
>>>>>> to
>>>>>> get
>>>>>> the right ViewDeclarationLanguage implementation depending on whether
>>>>>> you're
>>>>>> using JSP or facelets since nearly all of the actual work is done
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> VDL
>>>>>> classes now.  The old JSP and facelets ViewHandler impls shouldn't
>>>>>> really
>>>>>> be
>>>>>> used anymore and as far as I know haven't been updated to the 2.0
>>>>>> spec.
>>>>> I'm gonna check it tonight (@work now), but the last time I checked,
>>>>> saw the ViewHandlerImpl being returned, but I have to check to be
>>>>> sure.
>>>>> But you're saying that specifying the <view-handler /> element
>>>>> faces-config.xml is redundant and probably incorect? In that case, I'm
>>>>> gonna remove it and check if it works. I've added it a while ago
>>>>> because I got the JSP ViewHandler back then. Maybe things have changed
>>>>> in the meantime.
>>>> That makes sense if you had originally set things up more than a few
>>>> weeks
>>>> ago.  The new ViewHandlerImpl class was in place but we hadn't changed
>>>> the
>>>> default config to use it until sometime in July once most of the VDL
>>>> impls
>>>> were ready and we were trying to get some apps working.
>>>>>> If you're getting the JSP VDL back from ViewHandlerImpl, then there
>>>>>> something not configured right either.  Maybe in our default config
>>>>>> files
>>>>>> or
>>>>>> the factory definition?
>>>>>> Let me know if you need me to check into it and I should be able
>>>>>> later
>>>>>> this week.  I'm on vacation visiting family right now though so it
>>>>>> might
>>>>>> be
>>>>>> a few days.
>>>>> Thanks for the offer. I'm gonna debug a bit first, and then I'll come
>>>>> back to you.
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Jan-Kees
>>>> Sounds good...shoot an email to let me know if you need me to check on
>>>> it.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Mike

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