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From Felix Röthenbacher <>
Subject MyFaces Core + Trinidad + Facelets in OSGi container
Date Thu, 09 Jul 2009 04:22:02 GMT

I recently made some modifications to MyFaces Core and MyFaces Trinidad
to get it running in an OSGi container (Equinox) together with Facelets.

I wonder if there is any interest in adding bundle metadata to MyFaces
Core and Trinidad to make them runnable in an OSGi environment? If so,
I could finalize my modifications and submit a patch with the necessary

Basically, the changes include:

- adding bundle information in MANIFEST.MF (uses Maven bundle plugin)
- assure that classes and resources are loaded with proper class loaders

The changes to MyFaces core are minor, e.g. adding a bundle activator
and small modifications to ClassUtil for class loading.

Modifications to Trinidad comprise a systematic use of ClassLoaderUtils to
load classes and resources. Currently, often
Thread.currentThread.getContextClassLoader() is used directly, which doesn't
work well in an OSGi environment.


- Felix

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