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From Werner Punz <>
Subject MyFaces 2.0 facelets composite components
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2009 11:02:24 GMT

Since I am implementing this part, I have a question especially to the 
guys doing the facelet part.

We have a method in UIComponent - isCompositeComponent

Now it is not very clear to me if the code I found in our class is correct.

We already have a private method: _isCompositeComponent which does 

  private boolean _isCompositeComponent() {
         return getAttributes().get(Resource.COMPONENT_RESOURCE_KEY) != 

This looks somewhat strange to me, the component resource key,  which is 
: javax.faces.application.Resource.ComponentResource

is this really an indicator for a composite component?

In my opinion it should look like following:
  private boolean _isCompositeComponent() {

but I am not totally sure either, this should work for java based 
components which are marked as composite in their renderers, but i am 
not sure if this triggers the correct behavior for facelets.

In either case for now I have moved the private code to the public 
static method like the spec says!


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