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From Leonardo Uribe <>
Subject Re: [MyFaces 2.0] discussion on alpha plans
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 16:26:43 GMT
Hi Werner, Alexander

It seems the better right now is start working on partial state saving
feature. Some parts of this issue depends from facelets code, but other we
can do it using unit testing, so I'll take a look at Werner's work.

I'm still not started the behavior stuff, because for test this feature it
is better to wait facelets related code to be committed. My personal plan
right now is contribute with partial state saving, flash scope and then
behavior api.


Leonardo Uribe

2009/6/19 Werner Punz <>

> Leonardo Uribe schrieb:
>> Hi
>> 2009/6/18 Werner Punz < <mailto:
>>    Component API still has one unimplemented method in UIComponent (I
>>    am working on it as we speak, I will probably have it finished next
>>    week! -
>>    you probably cann add the missing part to partial state saving though!)
>> I did some work related to that issue. I can do this point, so you can
>> focus on javascript part and partial view code,(only if you want).
> Hia Lenonardo, I committed my _DeltaStateHelper code, so that you can take
> over. You probably have to do some adjustments to the serialisation and
> deserialisation code, it currently does two dimensional arrays (for the
> embedded maps and lists), you might make that a one dimensional array
> maybe...
> Maybe also a serialisation strategy class might be a better pattern here,
> anyway, it should work and a jsf less unit test is in place which tests the
> parts which could be isolated from jsf!
> This means I am officially now again away from this part and wont interfere
> any longer.
> Cheers
> Werner

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