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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject AW: slf4j and myfaces
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2009 17:49:00 GMT

Could one please eloberate a little bit more in detail what the pros are of slf4j?

Notice, I switched to it in our company project - but always using the commons-logging api
and just used the slf4j-over-cl wrapper. This is something wich is possible for each and ever
user of myfaces already, just by adjusting the depencendcies correctly.

Lately I even switched to my own logging wrapper, but this is another story. In the end, everything
still uses the cl API which is proven to work fine. (I created the org.apache.commons.logging
package structure with my own classes - which for sure is not possible for myfaces!).

I still think, that using the cl api is the best we can do for our users. If they then use
cl as implementation - and if this is considered "good" - is another story, but nothing WE
should anticipate.
As far as I can say the cl api is rock solid, just the class-loader stuff is a pain. But (again
AFAIK), slf4j does not solve it, it just does not deal with it.

Before we start using any other logging api I'd suggest to build our own thin myfaces-logging
wrapper where one then can easily plug in log4j, cl, jul (java utils ogging) or whatever -
we do not even have to provide any other impl than for jul.
As a plus, this then will remove a dependency - a dependency to any logging framework - which
- in terms of dependencies can be considered as a "good" thing, no?


Von: Gerhard Petracek []
Gesendet: Freitag, 05. Juni 2009 17:18
An: MyFaces Development
Betreff: slf4j and myfaces

hello all,

again the logging-framework topic :)
there were several discussions about it and i'm not aware of an agreement.

udo wrote [1]:
>replace commons-logging with slf4j

as i know we "agreed" on using one logging framework dependency for all myfaces projects.
if i remember correctly, most of us prefer slf4j.

-> i suggest to vote about using slf4j in all myfaces projects.
(at least if a project is using an external logging framework.)



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