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From Bruno Aranda <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] JDK5 EOL, upgrade to JDK6?
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 10:47:44 GMT
+0 I don't really see why we need to force the use of JDK 6 unless
there are features for that specific JDK that we want to introduce in
trinidad. We still have some servers in our institution using JDK 5
(and with apps using trinidad) and although we are updating everything
we are not there yet.

In any case, I develop already with JDK 6, but I compile the apps with
JDK 5 for those servers.

Even if most users use JDK 6 and it is difficult to get the JDK 5,
what should we drop support for the JDK 5 if we don't use any specific
feature of JDK 6? Or are we planning to use them? The only problem now
is that we have to be aware of using JDK 5 when deploying to the
public repos or doing distributions, right?



2009/6/19 Martin Kočí <>:
> Hi,
> we use Trinidad on AIX with JDK 6 with no problems although I don't know
> if the JDK6 is default for AIX.
> Werner Punz píše v Čt 18. 06. 2009 v 16:21 +0200:
>> Andrew Robinson schrieb:
>> > JDK 5 can no longer be downloaded without stepping through hoops to
>> > try to get it as it has reached its end of life.
>> >
>> > I'd vote to make JDK 6 the minimum JDK for Trinidad trunk.
>> >
>> > What do others think?
>> >
>> OSX still does not have JDK6 as default, although it exists...
>> Dunno how it looks for other operating systems like AIX!

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