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From Ganesh <>
Subject Re: JSF 2.0 + javax.faces.ViewState
Date Wed, 06 May 2009 20:07:44 GMT
Hi Roger,

I'm impressed - the "E" in "EG" obviously makes sense. Yes, it's true, 
portlets must be considered.

If someone bothers to use a multi form approach within a servlet 
container and he wants to update the viewstates of other forms he may 
well explicitly elect them for rerendering.

Best Regards,

Roger Kitain schrieb:
> Hi Ganesh,
> I met with the Ajax EG team members about this and we decided to go 
> the route of updating
> the submitting form, because in a portlet environment, each form may 
> have its own view/viewstate
> that is different - in which case we would clobber that.  Impls must 
> update the submitting form (at least),
> and we lieave it (for now) as an impl detail if they want to update 
> all forms with
> javax.faces.ViewState (since that is not specified).  We have not 
> handled all portlet related cases
> in the spec - that I am sure of..  I think if need be we can address 
> this in an MR.
> -roger
> Ganesh wrote:
>> Hi Roger,
>> With the last minute changes I think an error has leaked in. It now 
>> states that the javax.faces.ViewState is only to be replaced within 
>> the submitting form. Imho all forms viewstates absolutely need to be 
>> replaced.
>> Below I'm citing the new spec jsdoc text on this subject for the rest 
>> of the list to understand what we are about.
>> Best regards,
>> Ganesh
>>    * If an update element is found in the response with the 
>> identifier javax.faces.ViewState:
>>      <update id="javax.faces.ViewState">
>>         <![CDATA[...]]>
>>      </update>
>>      locate and update the submitting form's javax.faces.ViewState 
>> value with the CDATA contents from the response.

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