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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Myfaces 2.0 ajax scripts... state before the Weekend...
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 13:30:13 GMT
Hello Ganesh and Alex

I committed my last changes before the weekend, what has been done
a) I reworked the EVAL of embedded scripts, it now works as expected for 
following browsers

Safari (4)

I assume it works now on most browsers but other engines and older 
versions still need some testing in this area!

(Note for others the RI has nothing of this AFAIR, they rely entirely on
the eval part of the response xml, this is an added feature for
dirtily programmed legacy component sets)

I changed/improved the browser detection code, I did a cross port of the 
dojo 1.3 detection code to enable the behavior!

Secondly, I reworked the body and head stripping code, like you guys 
asked me to, it should work now, but needs testing on IE (since I 
develop on OSX and my machine has been newly installed I currently dont 
have an IE testing environment)

One thing I noticed, I thought we were feature complete, but in the 
update cycle the javax.faces.ViewState handling has not been coded,
there was an inconsistency regarding the IDs. If you guys want to take 
over this area still needs fixing, you know what to do in this area, the 
spec has been fixed, thanks to your inquiry Ganesh...


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