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From Werner Punz <>
Subject [FWD]: JSF 2.0 Regarding fileuploads in the ppr cycle
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 18:51:39 GMT
Hello since I post over gmane I cannot directly forward the mail.

I got an answer from Roger Kitain regarding the iframe issue, seems
like there is no /dev/null...

No seriously I did not get an answer to my first mail
regarding the javax.faces.ViewState issue (probably lost in the spam 
catchers somewhere (I should leave out the word Viagra, I assume :-) )), 
but the second one was answered within 5 minutes, they really take the 
job seriously.


On Tue, Apr 21, 2009 at 8:43 PM, Roger Kitain <> wrote:

     Hello Werner -

     File Upload was briefly discussed with our Ajax EG members and it 
was decided that for the initial spec release
     to hold off on it.  We wanted to get the basic stuff in first. 
that is something we can certainly get to
     in 2.1.

     BTW - who is this /dev/null character anyway?    ;-)

     Regards, Roger.

 >    Werner Punz wrote:

 >        Hello

 >        There seems to be an issue regarding the transport in the ajax 
 >part of the jsr-314.
 >        The spec defines and asynchronous, queued xhr transport with
 >        programmatically encoded input field values being sent.
 >        Now there is one corner case where this strategy does not work 
 >        and that is fileupload controls.

 >        Currently only Mozilla allows multipart request and fileupload 
 >streaming over xhr
 >        all other browsers have to do an iframe fallback to enable 
 >ajaxed fileuploads doing
 >        a form post with the target being an iframe. Within the scope 
 >of the spec this usecase
 >        is not covered!

 >        Sure it is probably possible to add this behavior outside of 
 >the spec, but shouldn´t
 >        this be covered by the specification?

 >        Kind Regards

 >        Werner Punz, Apache MyFaces

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