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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: f:ajax and MyFaces extensions
Date Tue, 21 Apr 2009 18:11:23 GMT
Well then we have to go for a custom tag, we cannot put
the myfaces attribute into f:ajax, due to TCK restrictions, we probably 
have to roll
an additonal myfaces:ajax tag!

I have no objections to that, since we add a load
of optional enhancements to the javascript core anyway, so adding
an additional tag under the myfaces or tomahawk umbrella is a non issue 
to me.


Ganesh schrieb:
> Hi Matthias, Simon (K.) and Werner,
> Sorry I need to come back on this again. We had agreed on putting the 
> extension attributes within f:attribute tags nested in f:ajax to avoid 
> compatibility issues with other implementations. In the meantime I 
> realized that f:ajax is a facelets-only tag, so additional tag 
> attributes aren't declared in a taglib, would be ignored by other 
> implementations and cannot be detected by the TCK. So, I changed my mind 
> and now would prefer
> <f:ajax myfaces="pps:true, queuesize:1"/>
> over
> <f:ajax>
>    <f:attribute name="myfaces_pps" value="true"/>
>    <f:attribute name="myfaces_queuesize" value="1"/>
> </f:ajax>
> because the former is less verbose and better readable.
> Can you agree with these new arguments?
> Best Regards,
> Ganesh

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