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From Werner Punz <>
Subject Re: MyFaces 2.0 Ajax - Also question to the JSF2 EG Members!
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 13:57:04 GMT
Ok Ganesh most of the response cycle now works as expected
I did not manage in time however to fix up the code for the
update for a full body or head replacement to use
beforeNode or afterNode to auto trigger embedded scripts!

You might work that in instead of me.

Another thing wich came to my mind if anyone from the EG is reading this.
There is a weird issue regarding the viewState handling in the spec!

The spec says that an element with the identifier javax.faces.ViewState 
has to be added to every form if it does not exist within the update 
phase if viewState itself is responded!

The funny thing is, that normally no two elements with the same 
identifiers are allowed within the dom tree. The API clearly supports 
this by limiting the getter function within the dom by getElementById!

Well the browsers mostly support this, one way or the other but this 
causes sideeffects by the browsers if you do direct dom access!

So is this really as it should be or do the viewState elements just have 
the name javax.faces.ViewState and have a different id like 

Does anyone have any idea?

I did not code this part yet because this was rather unclear to me!


Werner Punz schrieb:
> Ganesh schrieb:
>> Hi Werner,
>> There are some corners within the ajax response XML format that 
>> doesn't make much sense for me in respect to JSF. Especially for the 
>> insert, delete and attributes sections of the update element I cannot 
>> see how to trigger them from the existing jsf.ajax.request interface. 
>> Still they must be implemented because they make part of the spec and 
>> I'm thankful that you are taking on these hard-to-test tasks.
> Actually I have to recheck the entire java part especially the JavaDocs 
> (have in mind the about half of the specs functionality is documented in 
> the javadocs instead of the PDF)
> if there are cases where the deletes and inserts can be triggered from 
> within the components automatically.
> My personal guess is that this stuff is a handful of shortcuts for the 
> component writers so that they can gain some additional functionality 
> easily which would be hard to deal without.
> After all within the context of a classical response writer api
> the inserts and deletes are hard to process but sometimes you need them.
> I´d rather have a protocol which is more extensive in this area than 
> having  a few missing parts which then cannot really be added!
> But I haven´t been too much concerned with the java side of the jsf spec 
> for now because I usually focus on one area before going into the next!
> So I am not sure if I have missed something there!
>> The jira task on the extensions (MYFACES-2174) is NOT for the visual 
>> part. The visual part (disable components and show loading bar during 
>> request) would truely make a good extension, but I've set this aside 
>> until the core is fully functional. The jira is for the addional 
>> attributes for the xhr core: pps, queuesize and errorlevel.
> Ok thanks for the clarification.
> Werner

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