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From Gregor Sfiligoj <>
Subject Trinidad & Google AppEngine
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 16:01:06 GMT

Yesterday I received activation for Java support in Google AppEngine and
I've played around a bit.
I have 2 applications in production which are using Trinidad and it can be
very interesting if should be possible to deploy them in AppEngine.
Yes, I have to do some changes to replace the ejb3 stack, but this is not
not a problem.
The very "problem" is another. I tested Trinidad 1.0.10 (GAE supports
Servlet 2.4 for sure), deployed with MyFaces 1.1.8 and the problem is...
temporary directory!
Yes, it works, but stylesheet and js libraries were not loaded, so
investigated and the problem is that AE does not allow writing in temp dir.
The reason is also obvious.
But, how to proceed? I looked in the trinidad code and there is not a lot of
classes that use it. So, my first idea could be to replace the use of
temporary dir with a JCache API implementation (javax.cache API is supported
in GAE), maybe activating this feature with a configuration parameter. This
is just an idea.
Files that are generated in the /adf/cache temporary directory aren't big
30-50K... so, working in memory instead of tmp dir is not so expensive.
Maybe for this a simple HashMap is enough as a replacement? Or  should be
better to use EhCache... Apache 2.0 Licence, 110K... outside GAE.

What do you think about that?


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