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From Matthias Wessendorf <>
Subject CI server support / setup (was Fwd: Buildbot at Apache, and a new builds mailing list.)
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 08:02:00 GMT

attached is an announcement that there is now a nice "support" for CI servers.
I'd like to move the myfaces (sub) projects to this new infrastructure.

What do folks think about that ? I mean in the past our own zone
somewhat worked,
but the server had also every now and than its hick-ups.

so, I am +1 in moving forward to the new Buildbot.

what do folks think about it ?


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Gavin <>
Date: Sat, Apr 11, 2009 at 11:15 AM
Subject: Buildbot at Apache, and a new builds mailing list.

Hi All,

This is a heads-up that Buildbot CI server is now available for projects

Some projects that have been used for testing Buildbot here at the ASF can
be seen at
   I have a development installation at where I have been testing
many more projects (about 20 including the Buildbot project itself).

Any new or existing project that wants to add Buildbot to their arsenal of
tools to help them build,test,snapshot,deploy,etc can create an issue on the
Infrastructure Issue Tracker :

There has been a new mailing list created specifically for all our CI
servers (Buildbot, Hudson, Continuum) - - sign up at .

I made use of our infra blog and posted a short note about it at

So, any requests to make use of any of the build servers are made to the
appropriate Jira component on the Infra Issue Tracker. All discussions
regarding them should be directed to the list from now on.

Thanks, and see you there!


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Matthias Wessendorf


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