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From Ganesh <>
Subject Re: f:ajax and MyFaces extensions
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 12:24:30 GMT
Hi Matthias and Simon,

Thank you for taking time do discuss to proper way to include the 
myfaces params into the ajax tag. To clarify things, here is what they do:

pps (true/false): Only the components named in the "execute" parameter 
will be processed in phase 2-4, but the spec insists on submitting all 
elements included in a form. If pps is set to true submission is reduced 
to the form params named in execute.

queuesize: The spec specifies an unlimited ajax queue, though for most 
usages a queue size of 1 is appropriate. This param makes the queue size 

errorlevel: Javascript errors occuring during ajax execution would by 
default be suppressed, but with higher levels they would be signaled.

As Simon said, inclusion into f:ajax is probably not a good idea, 
because applications using JSP+Mojarra would break when containing the 
additional param. On the other hand I agree with Matthias that t:ajax 
would tie the use to tomahawk.

I really like Simons proposal for f:attributes nested inside f:ajax, +1 
on this one!

Best Regards,

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