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From Ganesh <>
Subject JSR 314 Comments on AJAX specification (from MyFaces development)
Date Sun, 12 Apr 2009 12:50:00 GMT
Hi to the JSR-314 team,

We're currently working out the MyFaces 2.0 AJAX implementation of JSR 
314. During this process a question regarding the execute parameter of 
jsf.ajax.request has come up: Why does the spec require all form values 
to be submitted (In 14.1 the spec says for jsf.getViewState: >>Encode 
the name and value for each input element of FORM_ELEMENT.<<)? Most of 
the submitted parameters won't be used, because only the components 
named in the execute parameter will be processed in phase 2-4 (In 13.4.2 
the spec says: >>The client also sends a set of client ids of the 
components that must be processed through the execute phase of the 
request processing lifecycle.<<). Wouldn't it be faster to collect only 
the form values named in the execute parameter?

Best Regards,
Ganesh Jung

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