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From Simon Lessard <>
Subject Re: MyFaces 2.0 Ajax and a big thank you
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 13:22:53 GMT
I second that.

~ Simon

On Tue, Apr 14, 2009 at 4:36 AM, Werner Punz <> wrote:

> Hello Ganesh and Alex
> I have committed the patches into the main MyFaces tree, again a big thank
> you you did a load of work over easter and wow the code now has become
> slim...
> Ok here is the additional timetable from my side:
> I would work on the response handling again on thursday and friday,
> I cannot do it before since I am bound by company projects as you know from
> monday til wednesday.
> What I would do is, to finish the response area on the javascript side and
> then add some mockup tests via a servlet which simulates the response
> according to the spec xml schema do iron out the bugs (especially working
> around the IE bugs in its quirks mode in the setAttributes areae is still an
> untested water by some parts of the code I preworked last week, it should
> work but needs testing on my side!).
> I am not sure if I am able to commit the servlet tests into the apache
> codebase since automated tests in this area require selenium which again
> requires x-windows on the unix side for the browser engines as far as I
> know.
> After that I will have a look at the java codebase to start with the Ajax
> ResponseWriter, if nothing has been done in the area yet!
> If you guys want to work upfront in any area you want feel free...
> I am sure you still have work to do on your specialized listeners or you
> might want to work on the response as well.
> I will apply the patches as soon as possible as they crawl up so that you
> guys have an easier life to keep the codebases in sync!
> Again thanks for your tremendous help, you definitely have earned a huge
> applause by the rest of the community!
> Werner

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