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From Jan-Kees van Andel <>
Subject Re: [Core] Annotation processing discussion (attn: Jan Kees)
Date Sun, 08 Mar 2009 16:37:33 GMT
2009/3/3 Curtiss Howard <>:
> Well, my intention with the interface I proposed is to have the
> implementation set up xbean-finder (or whatever the case may be) when
> the impl class is created via the factory.  That would in fact take
> care of all the problems my group and I would reasonably encounter.
> I.e., the default MyFaces impl for AnnotationScanner would configure
> xbean-finder as it is now (which is entirely appropriate for a
> lightweight environment like Tomcat) or perhaps use your bytecode
> scanner.  Our impl, on the other hand, would do some other magic for
> our environment.  With a pluggable AnnotationScannerFactory that
> passes in the FacesContext when creating AnnotationScanner instances,
> I think every base is adequately covered.
> Thanks,
> Curtiss Howard

An initial structure has been committed into SVN. I'm not done yet,
since I didn't want to modify too much of the existing codebase and
time is limited. However, the XML and annotation configuration stuff
is at least separated, so you can start doing your thing without the
risk of major merge conflicts.


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