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Subject Re: Re: MyFaces 2.0 development going forward
Date Thu, 26 Feb 2009 14:48:25 GMT
I'm currently working on the annotation processing stuff (@ManagedBean,  
@ManagedProperty...). Already made a first attempt for the managed beans,  
but there is still some work to do (converters, components, event  
listeners, etc). I hope I can apply the same logic for those other  
components as well.

With Werner working on Ajax and Simon on Facelets, we already cover a large  
portion of JSF2. Facelets is big, though, since it also contains tags for  
all components, EZComp, JSF2-Facelets/Original-Facelets switching, etc...  
Resource handling/relocation is also a mandatory requirement for Ajax to  

But I think an alpha release should at least contain these essential JSF2  
components: AJAX, Facelets, annotation based configuration. I think those  
components are the base of the JSF2 work. Adding in other features should  
not be too hard when those three are in place properly.

About Shale-test, is it right to use Shale classes in MyFaces Core? Of  
course it's just the unit tests, but in some way it's still a cyclic  
dependency which is usually a bad thing...


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