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From "Ricardo P." <>
Subject [Trinidad] 1-Rerendering components with a4j 2- JBoss Portal
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2008 19:10:04 GMT
Hi ,my name is Ricardo, I'm from Brazil.

I am recently working with Jboss Rich-faces and Apache Trinidad, I had some
problems with incompatibilities between rich-face's AJAX and Trinidad's
AJAX, since their reRendeing schema are different.

although, i am facing another problem, and i was wondering if you could help
me out.

I'm trying to reRender some Trinidad components by clicking in a
a4j:commandButton. If i use the reRender paramenter on the button tag, the
components are reRendered, as they should, but they pretty much 'die', after
the rendering, all the Trinidad componet's functionalities cease to work
e.g.: the 'onblur' param of a tr:inputText simply is not executed anymore.

I tryed to invert the roles, instead of the a4j' reRender param i used the
'partialTriggers' param on my Trinidad components, witch, did not work, the
button did not rerendered the Trinidad components.
I thought that the existance of a 'action' paramenter (with is in use) on
the a4j button would create a AJAX postback to the server, who, by its turn,
would trigger the 'partialTriggers' in the Trinidad components, but that
doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?

another question, we are using the JBoss portal 2.7.0, and we are trying to
use a Trinidad Chart inside a JSF portlet, but no Trinidad component seem to
work inside a Portlet.
It can't be done?

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