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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: MyFaces shared question
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2008 14:30:14 GMT
Simon Lessard schrieb:
> Hi Paul, Simon and others,
> I guess those are valid concerns, but I see one evolutivity problem, 
> even with a private copy. Let say you have:
> 1. Shared class A with method foo() in shared x.y.1
> 2. Core 1.2.1 uses that method as well as Tomahawk 1.2.1
> 3. For Core 1.2.2, a change is required to foo's contract, releasing 
> shared x.y.2. For now everything is good since Tomahawk has a private 
> copy of x.y.1
> 4. Tomahawk 1.2.2 also need a change to foo's contract, but not the 
> same as Core 1.2.2 and furthermore excluding the changes needed so 
> applying the change to shared from x.y.1 base, causing a new release 
> of shared x.y.3. Still everything is fine.
> From that point onward though, foo method will have to get reverted 
> back and forth for both projects in order to include other fixes and 
> improvements, no?
Yep. So in that case either a method foo2() needs to be created, or a 
class A2. Hopefully that doesn't happen too often.
> As for the current structure, I'm not adamantly against it, so given 
> we keep it, do you think I shared rebranch it for 2.0 or try to use 3.0.x?
I would suggest using 3.0.x until you find that something just won't 
fit, and branch it then.

I guess the danger with that is that you could add a bunch of code that 
only 2.0.x needs and then find you need to branch anyway, leaving a 
JSF1.2-specific "shared" version containing code that nothing is using. 
But the disadvantage of forking is obviously that patches need to be 
applied to multiple branches. Where's that crystal ball :-)


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