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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject Re: Bug in ApplicationImpl
Date Mon, 29 Sep 2008 07:37:34 GMT
Red schrieb:
> Hello.
> I decided to upgrade to MyFaces 1.2.4 (from 1.1.something) today, and I
> noticed something odd - some of my converters stopped working. I traced
> the problem to ApplicationImpl.internalCreateConverter, which appears to
> have a bug.
> My converter is bound in faces-config.xml to an interface type called
> EnumCoded. My enum classes implement EnumCoded, like this:
> public enum PickListActionType implements EnumCoded {
> ..... etc...
> }
> I have a converter called a GenericEnumTypeConverter, which knows how to
> deal with these and is declared like this:
> <converter>
>  <converter-for-class>EnumCoded</converter-for-class>
>  <converter-class>GenericEnumTypeConverter</converter-class>
> </converter>
> This used to work in MyFaces 1.1, but in 1.2 it looks like the fact that
> my type is an enum takes precedence over the fact that it implements
> EnumCoded interface, so I end up with the built-in EnumConverter instead
> of my GenericEnumTypeConverter.
> The solution seems to be to simply reverse the checks on lines 757 and
> 763 in ApplicationImpl.internalCreateConverter(), so that we check for
> interfaces before defaulting to EnumConverter.
> Does this look right? Thank you for you help.

Your suggestion looks like a good idea to me.

Of course this issue was not relevant in JSF1.1, as java1.5 native enums 
were not supported (JSF1.1 is java1.4-compatible). But for JSF1.2, it 
makes a lot of sense to check for an optional interface first.

I suggest you create a JIRA issue for this. If you can provide a patch 
(and even better a simple unit test) that would be even better..


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