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From Simon Kitching <>
Subject JSF2.0 implementation
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2008 06:56:07 GMT
I see from the commit list that a new JSF2.0 branch has been created.

I don't remember seeing *any* kind of discussion or even announcement 
about this. While I am happy to see JSF2.0 work going on, this kind of 
approach does not seem to be at all in the "community" spirit. IMO, 
major events like this should be discussed beforehand.

One issue, for example, is that the core-1.2 stuff is currently 
half-way-converted from the trinidad plugins to the 
myfaces-builder-plugin. So now it is branched, any changes need to be 
applied in two places.

In addition, a large amount of code has just been committed by someone 
(slessard) who is not a particularly regular contributor to myfaces. 
Where did this code come from? Do we need a code grant for it? Note that 
when code is developed iteratively on the dev list then there is no need 
for a grant. But a sudden code dump is different, even when contributed 
by someone who has signed a CLA.

And with 3 branches to now maintain, we need to discuss whether and when 
we phase out maintenance of the jsf-1.1 branch. Currently when users 
provide patches in jira, they almost always provide a patch against only 
one version and the committer ports it, which does increase the load on 
existing committers. When do we stop asking committers to do this when 
patching bugs?

To repeat, I'm *happy* that jsf2.0 implementation is in progress, and 
appreciate people contributing time to write an ASF-2.0-licensed 
implementation. But it is a  standard saying at Apache that "community 
is more important than code", and the "community" aspect here seems to 
have been rather neglected...


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