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From simon <>
Subject Re: Myfaces core 1.1.6-rc1-SNAPSHOT available
Date Sat, 02 Aug 2008 14:09:54 GMT
On Fri, 2008-08-01 at 19:00 -0500, Leonardo Uribe wrote:
> Hi 
> The release candidate for MyFaces Core 1.1.6-rc1-SNAPSHOT can be found
> here

Just to clarify:

The last release of Myfaces Core (1.1.5) was in Feb 2007. Since then a
lot of changes have been made.

Therefore for the upcoming 1.1.6 release we have decided to build a
"release candidate" with version number 1.1.6-rc1 for wider testing.

We would very much appreciate people testing this *release candidate*
and reporting any *regressions* since the 1.1.5 release. Please do NOT
point out any bugs that also exist in the 1.1.5 release; it has been far
too long since the last release of Core 1.1.x and we need to get things
"rolling" again, so only regressions will be dealt with at this time.

Regressions should be discussed on the dev or user list, so they get
immediate attention.

If you are using myfaces 1.1.x in production, then you really should
test this new artifact. Those who report problems *after* the release is
out may not get a lot of sympathy!

As the rc1 artifacts are in the standard apache snapshot repository,
maven users can test them by defining the apache snapshot repo in an
active profile in their settings.xml file then just referencing the
artifact from the pom.xml of their projects. Or the jars can be
downloaded manually from the above locations.

If there are no significant regressions reported in the next couple of
weeks against 1.1.6-rc1, then the final artifacts for a 1.1.6 release
will be built and a release vote called. You can "vote" on this thread
if you like, but these "-rc1" artifacts are not intended for release;
the "real" vote will be later.

Leonardo, I think an email should go to the user list too. Will you send
it, or should I?


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