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From "Jihoon Kim" <>
Subject Update regarding FlexFaces/Alchemy project and request to place a link to the project from MyFaces Wiki page
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2008 20:05:51 GMT
After discussing the matter with some of the lead members within the
Apache Incubator, the members asked that the project first grow a
community to sustain the maintainability of the project.

"That's probably the best thing to do at this point, and if you're
able to build a small community there that might be a first step
towards incubating at the ASF.

IMO, and in general, the Incubator is much more welcoming to projects
which already have some sort of community, as opposed to
single-developer projects trying to build communities."

"Hi Ji Hoon Kim,

Good luck building your community, and I hope to see you in a while.

One suggestion:

1. If you do intend to come back to Apache later on, you should keep
track of all the people who contribute code to the project and
2. It wasn't clear from the wiki proposal, but consider licensing the
code using the Apache license from the beginning."

With that being said, the project has been moved to Google Code to
grow the community there. Hazem has created a Google Code project and
Google Group named FlexFaces and I have created a simple set of maven
projects [flexfaces, flexfacesFramework, and flexfacesShared] for the
build system and have checked in the initial code that I have written
from Feb - July. I have refactored much of the code using the
myfaces-builder-plugin, but must have made some mistakes during the
refactoring since I am seeing issues that I haven't encountered before
[hopefully will resolve it within the next coming weeks].

So that is the update and I was hoping if I could modify the
"Frameworks related to JSF" section within the MyFaces Wikipage to
include a link to FlexFaces project in order to increase the exposure
of the project to the mass.

Thanks to all who have helped and contributed to the discussion
regarding it and if any are interested in participating in the project
please ping up with your interest!!!


Ji Hoon Kim

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