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From "Jihoon Kim" <>
Subject Clarifications requested regarding the usage of annotations within the myfaces-builder-plugin
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2008 04:43:46 GMT

I had some questions while refactoring the code using the annotations
of myfaces-builder-plugin and was wondering if I was simply using it
incorrectly or if it is yet to be implemented [since I am currently
pointing to the snapshot repository of the plugin].

(1)  JSFProperty annotation seems to work intuitively as suggested in
creating the get + set methods of the properties, but I was wondering
about the properties for JSFJspProperties + JSFJspProperty.

Since I wanted the components that didn't utilize the fields
frequently to be pushed to the Map [so to make the code cleaner], I
was hoping to use these annotations for the fields, but I apparently
do not see them being generated within the Tag of the components and
the tld as I thought they would be generated at.

The following annotation is within a blank interface of an abstract
class to be created as concrete with JSFComponent annotation :

    name	  = "allowMultipleSelection"
    returnType  = "java.lang.String"
    longDesc	= "A flag that indicates whether you can allow more than
one item to be selected at the same time."

(2)  Also, out of curiosity will there be support for multiple
extension of interfaces? Meaning I initially tested with one interface
that extended many other interfaces so to make the number of
interfaces smaller and cleaner for the would be created concrete
component, but wasn't sure if that is in the future plan of


Oh yeah, I think the plugin is awesome.


Ji Hoon Kim

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