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From "Martin Marinschek" <>
Subject Re: proposal: new Orchestra Flow subproject
Date Thu, 10 Jul 2008 08:40:53 GMT
+1 for a,



On 7/8/08, Werner Punz <> wrote:
> I personally would prefer a sandbox subproject which in the long
> run can be promoted to stable...
> I dont think a branch really makes sense if it semi works already.
> Werner
> simon schrieb:
>> Hi Al,
>> As you have hopefully seen from the wiki update recently, I have been
>> working on code that integrates page navigation and inter-page data
>> communication with the orchestra conversation concept.
>> It's now working in basic form, pretty much as the wiki describes it, so
>> I would like to commit this to the apache svn. There is enough for
>> people to give feedback on, or to start helping with if they wish.
>> The code is a clean layer on top of orchestra, so while it *could* be
>> merged into the orchestra core project, it can also be its own project.
>> Given that it does need a custom NavigationHandler and ViewHandler I
>> think a separate project is nicer; then people don't get custom handlers
>> installed if they just want orchestra conversations.
>> However it is really "sandbox" quality code at the moment, ie the APIs
>> and features could change significantly over the next few weeks. And
>> there has been no official vote on allowing this new Orchestra
>> subproject.
>> So I could either:
>> (a) create a sub-project myfaces/orchestra/trunk/flow, publish to
>> snapshot-repo and main myfaces website as normel, but make sure that the
>> welcome page for the website says SANDBOX in big letters and the version
>> number is something like 0.0.1
>> or
>> (b) check it in under a branch, and NOT publish the website anywhere.
>> I think (a) is enough; there is a fair chance that some form of this
>> code will eventually become a real project. And having both a site and a
>> normal location for the code makes life easier for everyone. The above
>> precautions should ensure that no-one thinks it is a real approved
>> myfaces project. And there is no problem removing it again if it does
>> not get approval.
>> So any objections to creating orchestra/trunk/flow and marking the
>> project as SANDBOX quality?
>> Regards,
>> Simon


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