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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Re: [TRINIDAD] Proposed changes to Trinidad POM files
Date Tue, 10 Jun 2008 16:49:10 GMT
> The only thing that will change as a result of these updates is in our
> Trinidad 1.2.x distribution.  Currently the Trinidad Demo for 1.2.x project
> is distributed with MyFaces in the web-inf lib, and not JSTL..  This neither
> fits the requirements for a full J2EE container (which should include
> neither), nor does it fit the requirements for Tomcat (which should include
> both).  The current proposal would build the demo without either of these
> libraries deployed in the WEB-INF/lib directory, but through the use of
> profiles would make it easy to include one, the other, or both.  If anyone
> cares about any of this, chime in.  If not, I expect this POM's to be active
> shortly in trunk_1.2.x.


> I am also going to make the same enhancements to the Trinidad 1.1
> distribution, but in that distro, JSF 1.1 will always be included and a
> couple of other options which are 1.2 specific will not be available.
> I'll upload the 1.2.x patch shortly for review and the 1.0.x patch should be
> up later today..

thanks for addressing this.


> Thanks.
>  Scott

Matthias Wessendorf

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