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From "Jihoon Kim" <>
Subject Re: Adobe Flex components as MyFaces JSF components
Date Fri, 09 May 2008 00:26:03 GMT
Since I will have to spend more time reading upon license issue, not
my known area, I will answer the simple question first.

> Would you mind telling us why you wrote this code? Is it a personal
> project (you just thought it would be cool), or are you planning to
> commercially offer related services, or is this sponsored by some
> specific company? Note that commercial reasons are not a problem; Oracle
> are a major contributor to Trinidad for example.

The code was written because :
      (1)  like you said, I thought it would be cool and interesting
      (2)  I wanted to write code that integrated other technology, so
thought it would be fun and it was!!! =]

So in a nutshell [boy I use this phrase a lot], it was written as a hobby.


Ji Hoon Kim

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