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From "Jihoon Kim" <>
Subject Adobe Flex components as MyFaces JSF components
Date Wed, 07 May 2008 21:12:47 GMT

I was hoping if someone can take a look at a recent contribution that
I have made to the sandbox and see if it is something that I should
spend more of my free time with=>

I have detailed much about the contribution within the Jira, but in a
nutshell it is to give users capability in creating Adobe Flex
components as MyFaces JSF components. So users would create the
components as normal JSF components and the contribution will create
the necessary SWF files and etcetera and link the values of the
components back to the managed beans using JSON+Javascript and

One caveat is that users will need to download the free Adobe Flex SDK
to C:\Program Files\flexSDK or /usr/local/bin/flexSDK [haven't tested
on linux yet].

I thought it would be an interesting set of components and if it is
something that seems to have some potential I will fine tune the code
more and give additional capabilities within the components. I have
tried to keep to some of the standards within the myfaces project by
including tons of .xml files for tld attributes and have attached a
patch for set of files and a zip for others [since there exists
multiple directories and files within them].

Thank you!!!


Ji Hoon Kim

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