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From "Gerhard Petracek" <>
Subject Re: shared source code within myfaces
Date Wed, 21 May 2008 23:00:14 GMT
i see your point.
there are some pros and cons!

concerning the example you mentioned:
only because we already have such a situation within the code base it isn't
a legitimation to continue with this approach. (we need at least a
in the end we might have several parts which are "acceptable" to duplicate.
-> -1 for such an approach (if there are/will be too many duplicate parts).

however, maybe there is a different approach!


2008/5/22 Scott O'Bryan <>:

> -1 Myfaces commons utils is not the place for this.  MyFaces core should
> not have to depend on the commons project to run.  Plus the myfaces commons
> utils is a snapshot and not going to release any time soon.  Making Trinidad
> dependent on this package would mean we can't release util the commons utils
> does.
> I don't like duping code either, but Trinidad added a bunch of duped code
> from MyFaces for it's configurators, so there is a prescidence.  IMO,
> duplicating a small amount of code is preferable to adding at least 3 jar
> dependencies and making the core dependent on a util library.
> Scott
> On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 3:35 PM, Gerhard Petracek <
>> wrote:
>> hello,
>> for the patches of TRINIDAD-1088 i used the source code of the myfaces
>> state manager to detect duplicate component id's.
>> i don't like to have duplicate source code!
>> what's your opinion about moving all shared source code like this to a
>> 'commons' module like the already existing myfaces-commons-utils?
>> regards,
>> gerhard


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