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From "Danny Robinson" <>
Subject [TRINIDAD] Scrolling Table - again...
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 13:14:00 GMT

For a while now I've been coming back to the table scrolling issue
(TRINIDAD-656) we have in Trinidad.  RIght now, it doesn't because the
headers are rendered in the tbody, but also I believe it's overly difficult
because of the complexity in how tr:table is rendered.

Anyway, I created a patch for correcting the column headers and moving them
into thead, which works fine.  However, there's little point committing it,
unless I can solve part 2. To get tables with scrolling tbody and fixed
thead, the current table-in-table method of rendering makes this nearly
impossible - at least for my small brain.  It seems that most all css
solutions for this are based on a simple table-in-div layout.

So I guess I'm asking the following:

1.) Has anyone been able to do table scrolling (with fixed headers) using
the current component?
2.) Why the current tr:table outputs so many table-in-table(-in-table)
output, and why it doesn't juts do table-in-div

I'm trying to determine if there's support for an overhaul of this



Chordiant Software Inc.

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