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From "Scott O'Bryan" <>
Subject Re: new name for sev-en
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 23:47:40 GMT
Couple of things. 

Can any of this be consolidated into fewer jars?  I'm worried that the 
jars in the commons project are starting to look TOO segmented and 
functionality that is similar is not being put into a common jar.  I 
haven't had time to take a look at Sev-en, but provided the framework 
does not "automatically" add significant overhead to the processing of 
the lifecycle, there should be no issues if it exists, unused, in the 
classpath..  We have several options here, the code could live in the 
validators or, if people feel it will add significant overhead or 
dependencies, maybe one other project.

As for the JSR-303, I strongly suggest AGAINST using the JSR number in 
your project name..  Why?  When this spec gets updated, a new JSR will 
be created and then your jar has no reflection on reality because my 
guess it you wouldn't necessarily want to change it.  Instead you might 
just want to call it "bean-validation".

Lastly, the commons project trunk is JSF 1.2, I think Matthias has a 1.1 
branch and things are backported as needed.  I would essentially put 
your 1.1 work into that branch so it can be versioned with the rest of 
the 1.1 commons projects.

Other then that, like Andrew, I've got enough on my plate ATM...


Andrew Robinson wrote:
> Sounds like fun, but I've already put enough on my plate :) Perhaps in
> the future.
> On Wed, Apr 23, 2008 at 4:45 PM, Gerhard Petracek
> <> wrote:
>> hello,
>> 'sev-en' is just the intermediate (code-)name -> let's find a final name.
>> there will be some modules within commons-[new name] (which means several
>> jar files).
>> e.g.:
>> required to use sev-en:
>> commons-[new name]-core (currently one for jsf 1.1 and one for jsf 1.2)
>> optional:
>> commons-[new name]-validation (annotations + validation strategies,... and
>> also the validation strategy to support jpa validation)
>>  commons-[new name]-crossvalidation (annotations + validation strategies,
>> ...)
>> commons-[new name]-jsr303 (validation strategies to support jsr 303, ...)
>> are there volunteers to join the development?
>> regards,
>>  gerhard
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