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From "Andy Schwartz" <>
Subject Re: [Trinidad] implementing tabIndex attributes on select components
Date Sat, 22 Mar 2008 13:31:30 GMT
>  So if I have a log in form, the tab indexes would probably be:
>  user name: 1
>  password: 2
>  submit: 3
>  And then everything else would not have one. This way all the
>  "template" components would be tabbed, just not first.

In this particular use case it sounds like you actually like the
natural tab order of the form (user name, password, submit), but want
to make life easier for the end user by placing the focus in the user
name field when the page is loaded.  I think that, rather than mucking
with tab indicies, a better solution to this problem would be to take
advantage of tr:document's initialFocusId attribute.  IIRC
initialFocusId is not currently honored in the default accessibility
mode, which makes this attribute somewhat less useful, but I think we
should revisit this decision - ie. I think that we should start
honoring initialFocusId in the default accessibility mode.


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