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From "Cristi Toth" <>
Subject [Trinidad] table total row
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2008 17:38:16 GMT

I would like to separate the footer and the total row concepts form the
Trinidad table.
My suggestion sounds like this:
- adding a "total" facet to tr:column
- adding a "totalRowPosition" property to tr:table with the folloing
possible values:
  - top - (just under the column headers
  - bottom (just above the column footer)
  - both
  - none

Also from the skinning point of view:
- having af|column::footer-text, af|column::footer-number (instead of
- using the af|column::total-text, af|column::total-number only for the
total row
- adding af|table::total-row skin selector to be applied on the <tr>

what do you say about the backward compatiblity of af|column::total-text in
the footer?
should I render both classes in the footer cell?

Please give some feedback (critics) on my suggestion
and tell me if you would want this in trinidad!

Cristi Toth


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