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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject t:datatable rowId Namespace
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 08:56:13 GMT

The rowId on the t:datatable is rendered without namespace. Following
this fact I've added a columnId to the t:column which will be rendered
without namespace also.

While I know that this is crap, I just have done it that way to be
consistent in this area.

However, my "better half" ;-) told me very forcfully that this is
really, really crap and that this should be fixed instead of adding more
*sucking* things :-D

Seriously, I too think this should be fixed.
But this might, no it *will*, break things used out there, probably css
selectors, javascripts etc.

What can we do to solve this the right way?
Shall we add a forceRowId="true|false" for backward compatibility, even
if we know that the whole forceId stuff isn't that a good idea!?
Or lets have a context-param which allows one to configure this more
globally. Someting like org.apache.myfaces.BROKEN_ROW_ID=true|false
where false is the default.


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