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From "Matthias Wessendorf" <>
Subject Re: [MyFaces 1.2.2] so... why is there no 1.2.1 (was: Re: svn commit: r613971 - /myfaces/core/branches/1_2_2prepare/)
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2008 20:18:13 GMT
> Hi
> In a discussion on dev list, I have noted this comment:
> Simon
> > I guess the other solution is to just do nothing until the *real* 1.2.1
> > release goes out, overwriting the bad files. I believe that is expected
> > to happen in the next week or so. But I feel a little uncomfortable
> > about that, and at the least we would need to notify the user list.

+1 in case they still were online, we just could override them.
But... as a matter of fact, they aren't (as mentioned before):

(btw. same is true for API as well, NO 1.2.1 online).

> Wendy
> IMO there should not be a "real" 1.2.1 release now -- we should move
> on to 1.2.2 to avoid confusion in case anyone has downloaded these bad
> jars.

the next logical step would be a 1.2.1, IMO.
we would confuse the people much more in just providing a 1.2.2 now, IMO.
I am pretty sure, that a 1.2.2 will even confuse our community a bit. So how to
manage not confusing others? Like vendors, that plan to provide support for
MyFaces ? I really think it is not a good a idea to release a 1.2.2 after 1.2.0.

> The bad artifacts were available about 2 weeks, until it was removed
> from main repo,
>  so there is a possible confusion if anyone downloaded the bad
> artifacts. (myfaces-impl 1.2.1
> artifacts and myfaces-core-project related artifacts).

you'd get a "fresh" JAR...

> regards
> Leonardo Uribe

Matthias Wessendorf

further stuff:
mail: matzew-at-apache-dot-org

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